Broadband woes

I’ve been wanting to vent about a number of frustrations for some time but I will start with what’s been on the cards today.

I’ve been helping my mum with ordering her broadband in her new flat and we’re still waiting a month later. Because my mum is Finnish, her grasp of English is good but limited and she struggles with jargon, especially over the phone where she can’t see the person’s mouth while they speak. The that’s where I step in to help and after doing some comparisons we settled on Plusnet.

It should have been a sign that I had to call the sales line because mum’s address wouldn’t show up on the drop down list and I was told we would have to order basic broadband and get it upgraded to fibre once the broadband was up and running. They promised to make a note on the account to honour the promo price of £25 per month for fibre if and when the upgrade was made. They gave me a date of 22 March (coincidentally my daughter’s birthday!) for the line to be installed as it had been disconnected. Mum is used to much better service in Finland and was disgruntled but what could I do? We would have to wait as only BT openreach do the installations and they work as as and when they want…

22 March been add gone, mum’s getting more and more impatient and a phone call to Plusnet confirms the order is still in place for the line activation but the date given is now 4 April, 2 weeks later. More cursing from my mother and I’m getting exasperated because there’s nothing I can do about it. Our broadband services are pretty patchy at best, appalling at worst in the UK. Super fast internet is nowhere near as advanced as in other countries on the continent with rural areas being worst off – someone I work with has to get super expensive satellite internet with a tiny usage package whilst costing a fortune!

Tangent aside, this leads us to today. 6 April, still no welcome pack, no router, no internet. No message from Plusnet. A phone call later, the bloke on the other end with a bleeding ear, we’ve established the line connection and transfer to Plusnet has been rejected and refused by the previous supplier. What!? The guy reinstated the order but says cautiously there’s no guarantee they won’t refuse it again but they’ll try and keep a ticket open so they can keep track if it better. We’ve now got another 3 week wait to endure.

Meanwhile I’ve fired an email to the letting agent who manage mum’s property about the possibility that the landlord is blocking the transfer. Apparently not but said to try if the line is actually disconnected. After a quick test, yes it is. So something is up with the previous tenant’s broadband/phone connection. I’m not sure i can find out who it is with and how to get the decision to block overruled but the thought of having to live without internet as a consequence is…unimaginable. I think they may even have included internet connectivity as a basic human given – too right!

I’m a ball of stress at the moment as it is, stories I’ll save for later, and this is just another cherry on the cake.

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